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Brighter Skies

I wrote this poem during lockdown in the hope it made people feel a little more positive.

Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your face,

Run to your loved ones for a sorely missed embrace.

Make up for lost time with those who are close,

Say I love you to those you care for most.

Laugh till you cry with your very best friends,

Friendships that will last and never ever end.

Turn up the music, throw open the doors,

Dance like you’ve never danced before.

Look up to the moon, the stars, the sky at night,

Hear the birds’ song, watch their gliding flight.

See the vibrant orange as the sun sets,

Our precious planet, it’s beauty we forget.

Take care of your time and take time to breathe,

Help your neighbour in their hour of need.

Be kinder to ourselves, and to each other,

For the simple things in life, we will rediscover.

The darker days are slowly passing by,

So we look with hope towards a brighter sky.

We give eternal thanks to those who served us,

The brave, the virtuous, the truly courageous.

As our better days are drawing near,

We look for a future with a little less fear.

Let us want for less and appreciate more,

And live our lives like never before.

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